Best Sofa Bed Reviews 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Sofa Bed have become very popular over a period of time. The technological development is not restricted to only gadgets and gizmos. It has actually indulged people into comfort living in the most stylish way. Along with comfort and style, there are various factors that people look for. A firm cushioning with good back support is a must. The mattress must not think with a fuzzy mechanism. It should be of the right size and also sturdy at the same time. With the wide range of sofa beds in the market, it can be difficult to zero down on the one. Therefore here is a list of sofa beds that have caught the attention of many sofa bed users and loved the experience.

Tips for use and repair - Sofa Bed Reviews 2020

​Maintaining a sofa bed, for that matter, any furniture item does involve some work. The main concern with a furniture item is maintaining its look throughout the time for which it is used. If at all the sofa bed is damaged, there is no choice but to repair it, considering the fact that its cost is a little above the price range of an average person. The following are a few tips to use the sofa to increase its longevity and also concerning the repair.

  • The best way to protect the fabric is to, first of all, prevent spills, and if it does occur, clean them as soon as possible. Although fabric protectors are added to the upholstery, spills do dirty the fabric and force you to replace it. The spills have to be cleaned before it is absorbed by the upholstery. The manufacturers’ guide also gives a proper description as to how the material has to be cleaned, be it the external or internal upholstery material.
  • The easiest maintenance method available to keep the sofa bed need is to turn over the loose cushions. Fluffing up the cushions help to keep them in shape.
  • The spot clean technique is the best way to keep the sofa bed clean. Rub in a soft circular way with a brush and then vacuum cleaning is done to dry.
  • There isn’t really a way to repair the sofa bed by yourself, especially this one, or any branded one. The best option is to call a professional every two years or so, to repair the sofa bed because as the years go by, the harder it is to restore its old glory and authentic look.
  • In the case of any major damage, the accident protection can be taken, subject to terms and conditions.

Editorial Choice: Best Sofa Bed 2020

​Signature design by Ashley Larkinhurst Sleeper Sofa, Queen, Earth

​This sofa bed has certainly set some high standards in the design of a sofa bed, making it tough for the competitors to beat it in both style and elegance. The sofa is one of the best in its class, with sleek finishes and best in quality wood for its structure and foam for its mattress. This is something a person should go for, should he have a large house and good money. The sofa bed model discussed here is the queen sized model available in the colour popularly known as “earth”

Best Sofa Bed Signature Design by Ashley Larkinhurst Sleeper Sofa, Queen, Earth

​Features and benefits

  • This extremely useful sofa bed is wrapped in high performing DuraBlend, providing the look of a leather sofa, at a very decent price.
  • The sofa bed is made by the use of polypropylene, a polymer used in the commercial industry a lot due to its low density, which reduces the weight and also mainly due to its high stiffness which prevents the material from getting damaged easily.
  • Also, due to the high stiffness property, the lifetime of the product is enhanced.
  • The mattress provided with the sofa bed is crafted of a high quality memory foam, which makes the easy lift queen mattress comfortably accommodate overnight guests.
  • The sofa bed comes in a colour known as “earth” which makes it look rustic and boosts its ethnic character.
  • The materials used for interior and exterior upholstery are different. For the interior, polyester/cotton/leather/polyurethane are used, all of which are polymers and so are generally durable. The exterior upholstery is done using vinyl/polyester/polyurethane.
  • The sofa bed unit also includes a bi-fold queen memory foam mattress which sits atop a supportive steel frame thus increasing the strength factor of the product.


  • Due to the rustic look provided by the earth colour, the accumulation of dirt or dust on any part of the sofa bed will not be noticeable provided it is to an extent.
  • The memory foam is encased in a damask ticking which provides better airflow during sleeping and also provides a classic woven look which also contributes to the rustic look of the sofa.
  • ​The foam cushions provided are highly resilient and are wrapped in thick poly fibre which adds to the damage resistant property.
  • Even if some kind of damage does occur, there is an accident protection provided under two categories, a three year one and a five year one, both at nominal rates.


  • As mentioned above, the rustic look does prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust from being seen, but only to a certain extent. Beyond this, cleaning/dusting the dirt off may lead to the fading of the colour of the fabric. This may leave white patches on your sofa bed.
  • ​The rustic look may not blend in with the other items present in the room, so this colour is not very much preferred.
  • The DuraBlend does provide the look of leather at a “comfortably cool price”, but as long as it is not leather, the quality parameter does not really kick in.
Signature design by Ashley Larkinhurst Sleeper Sofa, Queen, Earth


The Signature design by Ashley Larkinhurst Sleeper Sofa, Queen, Earth is certainly one of the very best models of sofa beds ever made. Every aspect of its production does offer some good cause to buy it. The above points can be kept in mind before the purchase of this item.

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Top 10 Best Sofa Beds Review 2020

​Signature Design by Ashley Larkinhurst Sleeper Sofa, Queen, Earth

At the very beginning of the list is this sofa bed which is available in queen size and is the king of comfort. If you are planning make a purchase for the design and style then this sofa sleeper is the best. With comfort, you get a good package of style. The Larkinhurst sleeper sofa goes well with almost any color in the background. It blends with the interiors of almost any house.

Features and Benefits

  • Wrapped in DuraBlend - Leather looking material that is strapped around it. It is cheaper than the real leather, without any compromise in comfort. Good in long run.
  • High-quality foam - It uses a kind of memory foam that has an easy-lift mattress which is not so heavy. If you have guests staying and your guest rooms are full. You can pull down the mattress and make them feel like home.
  • Perfect finish - Has a Pewter-tone nailhead with the corner-blocked frame. The back release is sturdy and armrests are filled with cushioning.
Signature design by Ashley Larkinhurst Sleeper Sofa, Queen, Earth


  • The foam is wrapped in poly fiber ensures longevity
  • Very sturdy since memory foam is supported by steel frame
  • It is inexpensive


  • Does not have push back option
  • Damages caused by transportation

Epic Furnishings Berkeley 10-inch Loft Inner Spring Futon Sofa Sleeper Bed, Queen-size, Walnut Arm Finish

​At second position is this posh-looking piece of sofa sleeper that is a must have for the new homes. It is a 10-inch loft that looks very attractive. It has cushions that wear covers and can be changed into the choice your own color. The best trait of this Berkely sleeper sofa bed is its finishing and the frame that are simple yet stylish. The subtlety in its design is what makes it very attractive.

​Features and Benefits

  • The 10 inch Loft - The sofa sleeper by Berkeley comes with a ten-inch loft that can serve as bed and sofa.
  • Soft cushioning - You will not feel the hefty bars of the sofa at any point in time. There are back decks that give a good surface for laying a foam mattress
  • Longevity - The steel frames are made out of steel alloy to avoid rusting. It also has a 350 coil count Bonnell spring that makes the sofa last longer than the simple foam sofas.
Epic Furnishings Berkeley 10-inch Loft Inner Spring Futon Sofa Sleeper Bed, Queen-size, Walnut Arm Finish


  • Easily transportation
  • Can fit through any narrow space
  • It is light weight


  • The length of the sleeper mattress is not big enough
  • The inner springs are not ideal. Small movement can trouble the person next to you

Serta Charcoal Grey Boca Sofa

​If black is your favorite color and you can never get enough of it. Then the Serta Charcoal Grey Boca Sofa bed is the best go-to option for your home. The best part about this sleeper sofa is that it comes with an extra storage space where you can store various items. There are two shades available. One is the pitch black and other is the charcoal shade.

​Features and Benefits

  • The material - Boca material is very exquisite and soft and good for daily use. Since this sleeper sofa is available in dark shades only, there is no problem with dirt accumulation.
  • The additional pillows - for people who like to get cozy on the couch, this is the best kind of sleeper bed. It comes with two sets of square pillows that are cushiony and soft.
  • The storage space - what sets this sleeper sofa apart from all other is the storage space provided at the bottom of the mattress.
Serta Charcoal Grey Boca Sofa


  • It is dark in color - prevents the visibility of any stains
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap


  • It is not so sturdy and firm
  • The back support is rather rigid

DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon, Navy

​If you prefer lighter shades of color that make your room look bright and filled with light. Then you must go for the Beige Chenille sofa sleeper. It is no ordinary sofa sleeper, it is a convertible splitback. With the wooden seat handles the sofa gets an ancient look that is just amazing.

​Features and Benefits

  • Various modes - Since it is a convertible splitback sofa sleeper, it becomes a multi-purpose object. This increases its usability. Also, the split back allows multiple positions that can be shifted around the house depending on the functionality.
  • Material - the Chenille material is the best and cheap kind for sleeper sofas. Moreover, the color beige looks very classy.
  • Convertibility - with a lot of sofa sleepers there is a certain difficulty in pullout the mattress. However, this sofa sleeper has an easy conversion method. Your guests can use the sleeper with great ease.
DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon, Navy


  • Good in small spaces
  • Wooden arms give elegant look


  • The wooden back is not comfortable to sleep on
  • The light color is susceptible to stain

Handy Living Maurice Pillow Top Arm Convert-A-Couch in Dark Brown Microfiber

​People who prefer bright colors to add flavor to their home can go for this Handy Living Maurice Sofa Sleeper. Bright colors indicate active life and are very attractive. Dark brown is a beautiful color that makes the couch look so full of life. It is almost hard to resist and not sit on this couch.

​Features and Benefits

  • The frame - instead of a wooden framework like the previous one, this couch is based on stainless steel. This prevents the rusting
  • The color - the brown color is what attracts most people. It is bright and good looking. The stylish design of the couch spices the room up a little
  • Cushioning - the foam inside if made of polyester and is very durable
Handy Living Maurice Pillow Top Arm Convert-a-Couch in Crimson Microfiber


  • Stylish looking
  • The color brown is very attractive
  • Good customer service


  • The screws are rather loose
  • ​The frame is a little weak
  • Very hefty and does not fit in small spaces

Coaster 550029 Home Furnishings Chaise, Grey

​If leather is something that you like but can not afford then this contemporary sofa bed is the best option available in this list. The leather look is just brilliant and this is sold at a very low price. However, one might worry if this gives a cheap rexine look. You need not worry about it, the material is durable and looks great. The color is classic and goes with almost any kind of background

​Features and Benefits

  • Adjustability - Many of the sleeper sofas come only with adjustable sleeping berth. This one comes with adjustable seat handles making it easy for people to sit around.
  • The frame - The frame is made out of a combination of wood and steel. This increases the strength of the sofa and also makes it last long.
  • Colors - it is available in wide ranges of color including gray, black, brown and white
Sofa Bed -Coaster 550029 Home Furnishings Chaise, Grey


  • The material is durable and waterproof
  • Cushioning is perfect
  • The sofa bed is not hefty


  • The bolts are loose
  • Can not fit more than two people when used as a bed

Coaster Samuel Collection Cream Leather Sofa

​The leather is almost irreplaceable. The smell, the style and look of leather on anything is just superior to everything else. This leather sectional sleeper sofa had to make it to the list. A leather sofa just can not be ignored. The features of this sofa are extensive and of amazing quality.

​Features and Benefits

  • Best model - it has the best of everything. It is a sofa plus a convertible sleeper. With superb cushioning at the armrest.
  • Framework - The entire sleeper sofa is made out of wood only. This makes it rust proof and increases its life.
  • Wooden legs - A fairly heavy sofa, therefore, wooden legs are best to support this. Moreover, it is white leather, therefore wood goes really well with it
Coaster Samuel Collection Cream Leather Sofa


  • It is king size
  • Easy assembly
  • Good services


  • It’s very heavy
  • It does not fit in small and tiny spaces

Poundex 2 Pieces Faux Leather Sectional Right Chaise Sofa, White

​With a very fancy name, it has made it list. It is known for its looks and can look very fancy at any settings. The gray color makes it more extravagant and royal. The sectional bed makes it very comfortable and easy to use for your guests who arrive at your home. To give your friends and family a lovely sleep, you must invest some of your money into this sleeper sofa.

​Features and Benefits

  • Additional peripherals - Most of the sleeper sofas do not come with any extra item other than a mattress itself. However, this sofa has a sofa bed as well as a chaise on the side that makes it look very attractive.
  • Materials used - The material of the sofa is necessary to understand how long the product will last for. Its frame is made up of wood supported by metal bolts. The cushioning is made out of PVC foams making it long lasting
  • The dimensions - the size of the sofa is ideal and can fit anywhere
Best Sofa Beds Poundex 2 Pieces Faux Leather Sectional Right Chaise Sofa, White


  • Durable and can survive for a long time
  • Looks stylish and extravagant


  • The fitting is not very tight, often shaky
  • It is very heavy due to presence of metal

Eastridge Futon Set - Queen Size, Frame, 8" Mattress, Twill Khaki Cover

​If you like sofas with thin frames and less cushioning this sofa will suit your needs perfectly. It is affordable and looks very elegant. Houses that are not too big can utilize this as it consumes very less space. This sofa is available in various colors. The color that strikes one the most is Khaki. In small spaces, bright colors look very elegant also make the room look bigger.

​Features and Benefits

  • Interesting mechanism - many of the sofa sleepers lack innovation, this sofa does not fail to meet this criterion. With its click-clack mechanism, it makes it to the list of the best bed sofas.
  • Size and shape - the size and shape of this sofa are ideal for tiny and compact apartments. It can fit through small corridors and lanes very easily
  • Material - the framework of this bed cum sofa is wood. The cushioning is the light of PVC foam.
Westfield Futon Frame - Queen Size, Solid Hardwood


  • Minimal assembly
  • Lightweight


  • It is very delicate
  • It is not very suitable for rough use

Coaster 300281 Home Furnishings Sofa Bed, Black

​One can never get tired of dark shades of color. What dark colors do is that they make rooms look compact and cozy. Especially, if you background colors are light then you must for furniture that is dark in colors. In that case, this list brings you its final product that is the Clubber sleeper sectional sofa with amazing features that will leave you baffled and speechless.

Best Sofa bed Coaster 300281 Home Furnishings Sofa Bed, Black
Sofa bed Coaster 300281 Home Furnishings Sofa Bed, Black

​Features and Benefits

  • Flexible usage - this sleeper bed also comes with chaise that creates and extra space for people while sitting. The extension of the sofa makes it look very classic. The armrests are also movable and can be adjusted according to one’s requirements.
  • Material - to avoid an increase in price, the material is made out of woven polyester blend upholstery. This basically gives it a rugged look and is very good for long term. There is very less wear and tear.


  • Hidden storage compartment
  • The size is decent, can fit through small spaces


  • Very heavy and bulky
  • Assembly is very difficult

Final Verdict : Best Sofa Beds For 2020

It is commonplace that people are attracted to items that provide more than what they seem to be. The forerunner in this idea is the sofa bed, because who doesn’t like a sofa which doubles up as a bed? The sofa beds are making a mark in today’s market, the prime customers being those who own homes having small rooms where these can be placed for the use of more carpet space for various other uses. Best Sofa beds are generally used to entertain overnight guests without having to place a mattress on the floor and sleeping. Not only this, sofa beds also act as a booster for your home’s style quotient, increasing the ambiance and interior beauty of the house.

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